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Command and Maintenance Center

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Command Center

DEVGRU/SOCOM: Camcopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Deployable Command and Maintenance Center. White Paper Design/build for flight testing and aerial reconnaissance Special Operations Command. Two Milvan system is self-sufficient with on-board 7000 KW Diesel Generator or Ship-to-Shore Connections which powers all computers, satellite and aircraft communications. Each MILVAN contains redundant HVAC system for extreme climate conditions. 1,000 lb Jib Crane to obtain wet and dry weight of UAV craft. Flight Control Pod has two 42” Flat Screen Flight Centers and three fold down workstations with 21” monitors, DVD and Surround Sound Bar. Maintenance Pod has workbench with Vidmar Cabinets. Two 8’ openings connect both Milvans together by removing personnel doors. Exterior lighting and power supplies. Project completed turnkey in 3 1/2 weeks starting with empty Milvan/Conex to project delivery at Dam Neck Virginia Beach, VA